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I am relatively new to water rockets compared to others I have seen on the web. But I have found some really cool stuff out there and wanted to share what I have found. Some friends and family have seen my rockets and said “Cool, I would like to build one, where do I find out more? Are there plans on the web?” So, I have made my own page with some of my experiences and several links to the most useful web sites that I have found.

Safety first
Warning: Water rockets can travel at a high rate of speed. Do not fire them in the direction of homes, animals or people as property damage or injuries could result.  Always supervise children using and building a water rocket.  The bottle rocket should not be pumped higher than 100 psi.

Caution: Replace the bottle after a large number of launches as it is possible for the bottle to weaken over time or from scratches from hard landings.  If you do not experience successful liftoff, remember that the bottle is pressurized and may blast off when you touch it. Be careful; do not let it hit you. Never stand over the rocket.

My Altimeter One thing that I am working on is an altimeter that will record max altitude and then deploy the chute after apogee. I started with a design from Jerry Baumeister and modified it to beep the altitude in feet. I also used some deployment plans from Bernard Willaert in Belgium.
The geometry class from my old high school invited me to demonstrate some of my rockets on May 22, 07


  I used Bruce Berggren's launcher design (dead link)

Bernard Willaert is where I found electromagnetic deployment for the chute

Tim Sumrall has some good info (dead link)

Jon Mehlferber has a way to thermoform bulkheads for FTC rockets


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