Cable Tie Rocket Launcher

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I started with  Bruce Berggren's launcher design and made a few modifications.  First off, I started with 3/4 inch PVC for the base and stand.  I did this to increase the rigidity so that the rocket would not move as much when on the launcher.  Also Bruce had an extra tee where the pressurazation tube attached that I could eliminate.
If you are thinking of making your own, I have a couple suggestions. 
The one Tee in the middle needs to be drilled out to allow the cross-piece to go through it. If you choose a larger pipe size, you may have trouble finding a way to bore it out.  Unless you have access to a lathe it could be tricky borring out a 1" or bigger tee.  A 1/2" tee can be drilled out with a 7/8" bit.  (don't quote me on that size, I am just going by memory.)
Start by making the cable tie trigger.  If you run out of ambition making it, then you won't be wasting your time and materials with the rest of it.


Bernard Willaert is where I found electromagnetic deployment for the chute

 Tim Sumrall has some good links



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