Water Rocket Demo at Jac-Cen-Del

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5 meg
low res 1.6 meg
The geometry class from my old high school invited me to demonstrate some of my rockets on May 22, 07
Every year the class gets into groups and makes Estes rockets.  Then when the weather is right they bring the rockets in and launch them.  As part of their grade, they must calculate the altitude.  It's a great way to get some hands on experience using math.
12 meg
low res 2.4 meg
I took a couple videos while I was there.  They are not the greatest videos, but you can still see a little.
You will need a broadband connection due the large size and also a Quicktime player.

  I used Bruce Berggren's launcher design

Bernard Willaert is where I found electromagnetic deployment for the chute

Tim Sumrall has some good links

Jon Mehlferber has a way to thermoform bulkheads for FTC rockets


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