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This includes; inventory, soap & lotion making equipment, recipes, and more.
We have enjoyed serving you, but all good things must come to an end.

In past times people had a simpler outlook on life and each farmstead or household was self-sufficient. Each fall when the butchering was finished, the women used the leftover fats to make soap for the coming year. The skills of this art were passed from one generation to the next.

I learned to make soap from my mother, like generations before, and now make soap in our 1850's home. Unlike our ancestors, who used the fats on hand for their soap, we use only the finest ingredients from all over the world to make our soaps as body-friendly as possible.

These fine soaps are made from the finest natural ingredients to give you a quality product. Each ingredient is chosen to enhance cleansing ability, yet protect and care for you skin.

As soap is being made it creates natural glycerine that is left in all of our soaps. Handcrafted soaps clean without stripping your skin of its oils. It leaves a thin layer of this glycerine on your skin to moisturize and smooth your skin.

The bars are cut and wrapped by hand to make them unique. Most are in beautiful, handmade papers to beautify your bath, if you can resist using them.

Change the routine of washing into a pleasant experience as the wonderful scents drift and touch your senses!

Soap Descriptions

We start with base oils of olive, coconut, palm, essential oils, grapefruit seed extract, and vitamin E and add to these for the individual recipe. Our wonderfully soft spring water is used exclusively and the colors derive from the additives such as herbs and cornmeal, or from natural pigments.

Some bars contain cosmetic grade fragrance oils for scent instead of essential oils and these are noted with an asterisk (*).

To place an order, please type a quantity into the boxes to the right and then click the "Add Items to Cart" button below.

All bars of soap weigh approximately 3.5 oz. unless otherwise noted.

Name   Description Price  Quantity
Amber Soap*   This is as close to true amber as you can get.  Bring the mystique of the East into your bath and into your senses. $4.00

Angel's Touch Soap   a creamy white bar developed for babies and those who wish to baby their skin. Scented with chamomile and lavender, the gentlest of herbs and oils. $4.00

Bay Rum Soap   an age old scent and understandably so.  Just smell it one time, and you'll know why this scent has always been so popular. $4.00

Brown Windsor Soap   has been a favorite of men since the early 19th century.  Fine clay is added for deep cleaning.  It has a natural, spice brown color and spicy scent. $4.00

Comfrey & Aloe Soap   has the healing herbs of comfrey and aloe along with the essential oils of lavender and rosemary to make this a wonderful combination for your skin. $4.00

Emu Spice Soap   Emu oil is added for its moisturizing and rejuvenating properties.  This spicy scent will pick you up and reward you. $5.00

Enticement Soap*   The enticing scent of musk and vanilla combine to make this a soap of true enjoyment! $4.00

Fall Fantasy Soap   This bar has a delightful spicy scent, and the lovely reds and golds of fall swirl through it, just as they do through the breezy days of fall. $4.00

Goat's Milk Soap   We added goat's milk to this bar for its natural cleansing ability and for silky smooth skin.  Enjoy the woody scent of the soap that has pampered bodies for centuries! $4.00

Jasmine Soap*    When you inhale this fragrance, you are drawn into a lush, tropical embrace. Jasmine flowers are added for a mild scrub. Go ahead, you deserve this aromatic interlude. $4.00

Juniper Breeze Soap*   You will enjoy the fresh, clean scent of this beautiful aqua colored bar. We added shea butter for its nourishing and moisturizing effects on your skin. $4.00

Key Lime Cove   If you love the lime, you’ll love this soap. Refreshing and deeply cleansing, with an incredible lather. All natural! $4.00

Lavender Soap   is mild for people with sensitive skin.  It has the wonderful scent of lavender in this off-white bar. Lavender oil is reputed to relieve itching skin. $4.00

Lilac Soap*   The lavender color of this bar enhances the sweet scent of lilac.  We added shea butter for its nourishing and moisturizing effects on your skin. $4.00

Moonlight & Roses Soap*   touches your romantic side with a pretty shade of blue and a lovely rose-blended scent. $4.00

Oatmeal & Honey Soap   has a warm spicy scent and natural ochre color. The oatmeal scrubs away debris. The honey hydrates and soothes the skin while it moisturizes and inhibits the growth of bacteria. $4.00

Plumeria Soap*   has the floral scent of plumeria and is enhanced by a beautiful light mauve color. Shea butter is added for extra moisturizing. $4.00

Pure  Soap   It is just that.  It is free of fragrance and color and cuts grease and oil well.  Try it after being in contact with poison ivy. $4.00

Raspberry Soap*   is a creamy white bar with mauve swirled through it. Shea butter is added to this refreshing raspberry scented bar. $4.00

RefreshMint Soap   is so wonderfully invigorating that it will make your skin tingle! It is a pretty green color and has bits of real mint leaf throughout the soap with the aroma of spearmint and peppermint. $4.00

Rosemary   Oil of Rosemary has excellent skin care properties and is a natural antiseptic. The aroma will also be soothing to your nerves, but tends to repel insects. $4.00

Sensuous Soap*   is a creamy white bar. The sandalwood blended scent appeals to both men and women. $4.00

Shangri-La*   Bathe in a Heavenly scent so elusive, yet so captivating that you have to find it again and again. $4.00

Vanilla Cream Soap*    takes you back to when the wonderful scent of vanilla drifted from the kitchen.  This dark brown soap is a blend of vanilla, lavender, and patchouli. $4.00

Whispers of Love Soap   is an off-white bar. It contains patchouli oil from the East Indies which is said to radiate a scent that charms! $4.00

Wisteria Soap*   has the sweet scent of wisteria and a beautiful lavender color. Shea butter is added for extra moisturizing $4.00

Woodlands*   From the Sierra Nevada's to the Smoky Mountains and all in between, the scent of the American Wilderness. $4.00

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Try our Specialty Bar Soaps

Some bars contain cosmetic grade fragrance oils for scent instead of essential oils and these are noted with an asterisk (*).
All bars of soap weigh approximately 3.5 oz. unless otherwise noted.

Name Description Price Quantity
Gardener's - Green Thumb  Soap   is made to remove dirt, grime and odor for gardeners and workers. Cornmeal and pumice are added as an abrasive to clean deeply with this spicy bar.  This soap contains almond oil to soothe your skin. $4.00

Only Oatmeal Soap 
(formerly Unscented Oatmeal)
  is great for those whose complexions or bodies have problems using scented products. The oatmeal adds tan speckles to this off-white bar. $4.00

Palma Rosa Soap   has castor oil added for its mildness and benefits for your skin. Palma Rosa oil is reputed to help skin problems like acne and dry skin. This is a very mild, off-white bar. $4.00

Pet Shampoo
  Made with the finest of oils to make their coat soft and silky.  This bar of shampoo has essential oils that deter fleas and ticks to keep your pet comfortable. $4.00
Pet Shampoo
(Minty Pet Scent)
  The same qualities of the regular pet shampoo, but has a minty scent. $4.00
Pine Tar Soap   has a pungent scent and is reputed to help relieve eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff. $4.00

Shampoo Bar Soap   is made of the best of oils to clean and condition your hair.  It is scented with a lovely citrus aroma. $4.00

Tea Tree Soap   Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and germicide. It is a very powerfull killer of bacteria, and is used to treat eczema, psoriasis, acne, athlete's foot, fungal infections, staph sores, boils, stinky feet, lice and many other conditions.

Unscented   Mother Nature at her very best!  This is just plain, unadulterated and gentle soap for those who have problems using scented products. $4.00

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Natural Liquid Shampoo

Our shampoo is rich in oils that are nourishing for your hair and scalp, giving your hair a soft, silky feel.  You will love the vibrant look of your healthy hair.
Net wt. 8oz.  Price: $6.50

$6.50 each
Angel’s Touch
Bay Rum


Juniper Breeze


Oatmeal & Honey




Vanilla Cream



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